Thursday, April 14, 2011

Square vs. Round...

So we had my family and the in-laws over for dinner on Sunday.  Our little bungalow was rather full.  But the best part was being able to fit 12+ people in our 1/2 way done kitchen when before only 2 people could really fit.  Window seats are AH-MAZE-ING!!!!!


Best idea ever.  But one thing became VERY apparent.  We need a round table.

There is nothing wrong with our current looks like this... is too wide and the legs are in a very inconvenient place for a corner banquette.  It most definitely looks out of place.  It's just WAY too big for the space.  So I've started combing KSL for a replacement.  Now I just have to decide if I want to build one or just buy one.  I can guarantee I know what the Hub's would say to this..."BUY!"  He's convinced that every time I take on a project he's the one that has to finish it up.  I really don't know WHAT he is talking about.  Hee hee.

Anywhoo...I've found several options this morning and just had to share.  Some of them are pretty cool!

Take this one for example...
I would repaint it black.  With wood floors and a wood countertop...we've decided on a black table.  This chunky piece would look great in the space.'s only $88.00.  Very nice.

This piece has some beautiful details...I think for my space a little too many details but it truly is lovely.
Yup...really pretty.  In the right space, it would definitely stand out.  But $300 is a bit out of my price range right now.

This piece might just be the winner.  Not really what I was going for at first but it's only $25!
The Hub's is gonna drive out and see it today.  We'll see if he brings it home.

I absolutely adore the base of this table.
I also love that it comes with 2 leaves so it would basically be my forever table.  Imagine it painted black... reminds me of Z Gallarie...  YUM!  Hubs might have to go check this one out too...  It's $100 but really... last table purchase ever might seal the deal.

This one is just chock full of personality and would be so so cool in the right space...
Unfortunately that space is not mine.  Not quite what we were looking for but still so cool and fun...once you take the tennis balls off the legs.  :)

This one isn't exactly round but it would fit in my teeny nook...
I think it's really interesting.  Not sure from the picture if it's exactly what I'm looking for but it's worth taking a look...

THIS table was my favorite.  Ever.  But, we're looking to go round and I don't have a formal dining room.  I so so wish I did though because I would have snapped this baby up in a heartbeat.
I included the link to the ad in case anyone who reads my blog can use this beautiful table in their home.  Imagine it painted a beautiful black.  It would take some work to make really pretty but it's only $75 dollars and reminds me so much of other tables I've seen in the $1000's at other stores.  I really do wish I had a formal dining room...this would have come home with me the instant I saw it if I did. 

So there is my table shopping for the morning.  I'll keep you all posted with what one we choose!


Madeline said...

love the 1st + 4th!

hann said...

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