Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Color Obsession...

Um ok.  I have a new color obsession and I am rather surprised by it.

Navy blue.

I always knew I wanted my living room to be green and blue but I always pictured a lighter blue.

Then I got a rug.  I can't find an image online of this rug...weird I know...but the colors are sage green (the EXACT green as my couch), a brownish mustard color, and navy blue.  And so my obsession began.

I LOVE this color combo.  Love.

So I'm beginning to think that my walls are going to navy blue in my living room.  A bit more bold than I was going to go but I'm way excited.  I'm just obsessing about it.

Here are some inspiration pictures...

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Heather said...

We have navy blue in two of our rooms, I LOVE it! Especially with white and gray