Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday...

After our kitchen is done...I'm going to be attacking our living room with a vigor.  The living room is the first room you walk into in our house and it leads into our kitchen.  So if I have a pretty kitchen...I had better get that living room whipped into shape eh?

There are going to be 3 parts to our living room.  It has a very strange layout...I'll post a floor plan next Tuesday.  The way we reconciled the strange layout was to separate it into it's different parts.

1.  The visiting area - sofa, a couple chairs, an ottoman, and a rug.
2.  The reading nook - a chair, side table, small shelf with knick-knacks and books, a lamp
3.  The music area - the piano, music stand, music related art

All of those combined will equal our living room.  In the almost 2 years we've lived here I have rearranged this room sooooooooooooooooo many times The Hubs cringes when he hears the words "I've been thinking..." because he knows he's going to be enlisted to help move things around.  But I think I FINALLY have the correct layout planned...

As part of that...I'll be doing inspiration boards for each section of our living room.  Today is the visiting area.  Here is what I came up with...

That sofa is our actual sofa.  It's not in the budget to run out and just buy a new sofa besides...I love my sofa so it's staying.  But with it being a grayish green it presented a color issue.  It's not a neutral beige or white.  It's green.  

I was going to go with green and red...not Christmasy green and red...the combo that actually works together.  But after realizing that I need my house to be calming...not insanely color infused...I decided to go with green, gray or greige, and blue.  

The walls are going to be painted a nice light gray and then we'll be adding some lovely panalled wainscoting.  I love wainscoting...I think it adds just the right finishing touch to a room.  And since I got The Hubs a brad nailer and air compressor for Christmas...I can actually put it up all by myself.  Woot woot!

I loved the rug.  A bit playful...but still quite artistic.  And the colors all fit together perfectly.  I'm thinking that will be the very first purchase.  *UPDATE*  I did notice after I posted this on a different computer the green in the rug is more lime than sage...we'll have to see about it.  I might order it...check the color scheme and then determine it all based on that. 

Next up...that chair.  I wasn't really looking for an upholstered chair, but that one just totally stuck out.  Reason?  It's all the right colors and I love the casters on the wood feet.  So charming.

As for the ottoman...I'm actually going to be making one.  Stay tuned for that project as soon as our kitchen is done.  Since I'm making one I can actually go with whatever fabric I want so I'm going to be really looking around to find the perfect color.  I know I want it to be a solid color since the chair is patterned and the rug is patterned but I don't know exactly what...a greige linen perhaps? 

The curtains are going to be made out of that darling green floral and will be drapes just like that.  OR!  I'll have lovely white drapes like the ones pictured and then make some roman shades with that green floral.  I'll have to see what I decide when the time comes.

And the mirrored side table...be still my heart.  I LOVE it.  It's actually going in the reading nook but for some reason...I stuck it on this one.  Oh well...  It adds a bit of glamor to the space and yet (in my opinion) still fits right in.  Love. 

Lastly...the mirror on the wall and the pillows.  I have had my eye on that mirror for quite some time.  It is just a plethora of all the right colors.  It's truly perfect for this room.  I can't wait to actually take it home.  The pillows that actually end up in there are honestly probably going to end up being ones I make.  We'll have to see!

So that is the plan.  As we know...plans are always evolving so we'll see how it actually all pans out but I love the living part of my room...

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