Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Princess' party is on Saturday.
She's only turning 1 so it's going to just be family...maybe just a couple of friends.

I decided to go with a vintage Alice in Wonderland theme. I designed the invitation using some original Alice in Wonderland art from the book. I love the way it turned out. If I had my regular computer back...I'd show you.

As for the cake...this is the inspiration.

I don't know who the designer of this adorable cake is...but I love it.

It's going to be smaller...not large at all.

We're going to do marble cake and then attach the fondant using raspberry jam.

We're making the flowers out of gumpaste because evidently the flowers work better that way. I've worked with fondant a few times so I think it's going to be fun.

We're baking the cake on Friday and then freezing it so that we have more of a firm surface area to work with when applying the fondant. I've never done that before but I heard it was a good idea. Good thing she's only 1 so that it really doesn't matter if it doesn't turn out.

I love having a child. I love having a reason to set up for a party. So much fun. I don't do large parties for small children but I that doesn't mean I can't make it pretty!

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