Thursday, February 11, 2010

About Me... I am.

I started a blog.

I have others...but this one is allllllllllll me. 100% me.

This is about discovering my style.

That might sound kinda strange to some people...usually they grow up with a style all their own. They don't have to "discover" it. I grew up in an interesting environment and never got a chance to cultivate my "style". I just knew that I didn't like what I was seeing. I own my own home. It's strange looking at a living room and knowing I can do whatever I want with it. The only problem...the Hubby hates projects. As in despises them. And he also hates when I start something because then he feels obligated to help finish it. And trust my home there are a lot of projects. Oh Hubby...I'm sorry. :)

We live in a 1940's brick bungalow that has never been updated. Or...if someone tried, they had no IDEA what they were doing. For example, in my basement family room...the ceiling is 6 feet tall. Instead of going around the heating ducts...they just made it flat. It's a good thing we're not really tall people. We're not going to be here for much longer...probably just a couple more years...but I want to get it to where I walk in and feel happy. Right now...I walk in and feel claustrophobic.

So here I am. Discovering what makes me happy. Figuring out what I love. What design style I have. And renovating a home. Room by room. And on a shoestring budget. This might just end up becoming a plethora of pictures I feel are beautiful. We'll just have to see!

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