Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have a Princess. She is turning 1 this month. Honestly...where did the time go? It feels like it was just yesterday that she was born and now she's 1.

There are so many things I love about this age...and so many things that I miss.

#1...I miss the cuddles. The Princess was never a cuddler. She stopped cuddling at 5 weeks old because she realized there were just too many things to see in the world.

#2...I miss sleeping with her cuddled up next to me. When she was first born...she couldn't sleep with out me. She would cry when I put her down. I'm a firm believer that you can't spoil a newborn so I enjoyed it as long as I could. I'm also a firm believer having them sleep in their own bed when they're older so I knew it couldn't last. Now...she can't sleep anywhere BUT her crib. :)

#3...I miss the newborn wrinkles. I love the look of newborns. There's something so innocent and angelic about them. They're so so sweet and precious. Just a gift from Heaven to make my life just that much sweeter.

Oh dear...I can tell I'm starting to want another one. Just thinking about babies is making me baby hungry.

Anywhoo! Moving on...for the Princess' birthday I want to re-do her room. This is going to be a S-L-O-W process because by re-do...I mean RE-DO!

We have to steal her closet for the bathroom so we're going to be adding built-in's.

I hate the carpet in the house. Seriously...we have 4 different carpets in our upstairs. Gross. And we just discovered wood floor underneath. So hopefully it's in refinish-able condition, because I'm planning on just that.

We have to put more insulation in the walls. Evidently in the 1940's insulation wasn't a big deal! Boy did our utility bills sky-rocket when winter hit...

There might be a possibility of replacing all 4 wall's Sheetrock. The Hubby is REALLY dragging his feet there. He has no desire to rip down the walls. But there's a very good possibility this is going to happen...because my gut tells me that we might not have Sheetrock at's probably chicken wire and plaster. Ew.

And then there's painting.

And replacing the molding.

So her birthday project is most def NOT going to be done by next week. It'll be a bit late. Good thing she's young and won't remember. Ha!

So the inspiration for her room came from this quilt from Pottery Barn Kids.

(Photo from Pottery Barn)

I love it. Really...everything about it. I love the trees. I love the stuffed owls. I love the colors.

When I saw it...the wheels in my head just started turning and they haven't stopped since.

Luckily for me...I have an amazing client turned friend who is an incredible quilter. We took a look see at this quilt and we're totally going to re-make it because as much as I love Pottery Barn...their prices are a bit out of my price-range.

I'm going to put together a mood board for your viewing pleasure and also because I'm very much a visual person and I need one. :) I'll post it as soon as my computer guy is done fixing my computer. That a whole different post. :)

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